© Meghan Dhaliwal, 2012

Maya was born in Oakland, CA in 1991 to Gino, Elisa, and Maya's older sister, Noemí. Shortly after, her family moved to New Orleans, LA for four years. In the summer of '96, Maya and her family moved to Gino's native country of Ecuador. Maya's love for photography flourished when she started high school at Academia Cotopaxi in Quito. She received a point and shoot camera for her 14th birthday and began taking pictures everywhere she went. The photos that came from that camera were mostly of her friends but there were also many of her younger brother, Joaquín.

In '06, Gino made the difficult decision of moving his family to Calgary, AB for his job. Maya struggled at first but was quick to make friends and adjust to her new environment. However, photography took a back seat for a couple of years. The summer before Maya's final year of high school, she asked her parents to pay for half of what would be her first DSLR camera - a Nikon D60. Over the next year, she photographed everything she could: flowers, people, animals, landscapes, and buildings.

By the time Maya graduated high school in '09, she knew photography was something she wanted to continue in college. She began her undergraduate career at Boston University in the fall of the same year and graduated with a degree in Photojournalism 4 years later. She's passionate about media, brand identity, and storytelling.

Currently, Maya lives in New York City.